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Once you've been issued with a construction certificate or development consent, before you can start any work, you must appoint a principal certifying authority (PCA).

The PCA completes mandatory building inspections during the construction period, and issues the final occupation certificate when all requirements are satisfied.

After you've engaged your PCA you need to notify the council within 2 days.

You can find accredited certifiers, authorised to operate as PCAs, online.


  • the person issued with the construction certificate or the development consent.

What you need

  • read the information on types of certifiers, or
  • ask your council what type of certifier you might need.

How to find

  1. Select the 'Find a certifier' button.
  2. Select a category from the 'Accreditation' drop-down menu, or enter your chosen certifier's name (if applicable).
  3. Select 'Search'.
  4. The results will appear on the page.
  5. Check the 'Details' radio button next to a specific certifier, for more information.

More information

  • you choose who you'll engage as a certifier.
  • you're not obliged to engage a certifier suggested by your builder. 
  • certifiers are categorised according to their expertise, qualifications and experience.
  • you may need more than one type of certifier, as advised by your PCA or council.