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If your business is going to sell food or drinks, then you must provide your local council with your business and food activity details before you start any food handling operations.

You may have already done this by applying for services, permits and approvals, or through a registration to pay council rates. If so, you are deemed to have notified and do not have to do anything further.

If your food business has a Food Authority licence, or is not a retail food business (that is, for example, a manufacturer, wholesaler, transporter, importer, caterer or home-based food business), you may need to notify the NSW Food Authority.

Visit the NSW Food Authority website to check if you're business type is required to notify your local council or NSW Food Authority. 


Any business, whether ongoing or temporary, that sells food or drinks at retail must notify their food business and food activity details.

However, you don’t have to notify if:

  • you're an existing food business that has previously notified the NSW Food Authority, or provided your business details in other transactions with your local council
  • you already have a licence with, or will obtain a licence from, the NSW Food Authority, or
  • your business is not-for-profit (for example, a charity or community group), and you’re only selling food that’s not potentially hazardous.

What you need

If you have not already applied for local council services, permits and approvals, or registered to pay council rates, you’ll need:

  • your business name
  • your Australian Business Number (ABN) (if you have one)
  • your company name (if you have one)
  • your office address and contact details
  • your mailing address (this can be the same as office address)
  • name(s) of the business owner(s)
  • address of the place you’ll be handling or selling food, and
  • your business type (for example, cafe, restaurant, takeaway).

How to notify

If you are a cafe, restaurant, takeaway or other retail food business, you can notify your local council.

If you are a licensed food business or non-retail unlicensed food business (like a manufacturer, wholesaler, importer, caterer or home-based food business), you can notify the NSW Food Authority online

More information

  • You need to update your business details with your local council if they change
  • If you buy an existing food business, you'll need to re-notify with your details, because notification records are private
  • You may also have to Appoint a food safety supervisor, and
  • If you don't notify your food business details, you could be fined.
Last updated: 14 February 2022
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