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As part of the NSW Government’s economic stimulus package, annual liquor licence base fees and trading hours risk-loading fees have been waived for most businesses.

Compliance risk loadings will be deferred and included as part of the 2021-2022 annual liquor licence fees.

Bottle shops and home delivery businesses (packaged liquor licences) with 4 or more outlets owned by the same licensee or business are not eligible for fee waiver assistance at this time and will still have to pay an annual liquor licence fee.


Annual liquor licence fees are calculated using a tiered fee structure:

  • a base fee based on the licence type, plus
  • risk-based loadings (if applicable).

Risk-based loadings only apply to some licences such as late trading venues, and venues that have committed serious liquor law offences. Risk-based loading fees include:

  • a trading hours risk loading
  • compliance risk loadings, including compliance history risk loading, patron capacity risk loading and location risk loading.

Annual liquor licence fees are calculated on 15 March each year using licence information held by the NSW Government on that date.

Your fee notice will be sent to you by email and mail. You can pay your fee online or at a service centre.

What you need

  • liquor licence number
  • copy of your fee notice
  • payment reference number (which is on your fee notice)
  • payment.

How to pay

If you're paying online:

  1. Select the 'Pay online' button.
  2. Enter your liquor licence number.
  3. Enter your payment reference number.
  4. Enter your payment details.
  5. Confirm payment.

If you're paying by BPAY:

  1. Log onto your online banking account.
  2. Enter the Liquor & Gaming NSW biller code: 251 447, and your unique BPAY reference number (indicated on your fee notice).
  3. Submit your payment.

If you're paying in person:

  1. Find your nearest service centre.
  2. Bring your fee notice and make the payment in person.

More information

  • If you haven't received your fee notice by late June 2020, call us on 13 77 88.
  • Visit Liquor & Gaming NSW if:
    • you're experiencing financial hardship – you may apply for a waiver of all or part of your annual fee
    • you believe there was an error in the calculation of your annual licence fee and you want to apply for a reassessment.
  • Licensees need to be familiar with these key dates in 2020: 

28 February
Last day to submit an occasional extended trading condition (OETC), tourist accommodation exemption (TAE) application to reduce trading hour loading in 2020.

15 March
Last day to submit patron capacity data.
Assessment date for each licence’s annual fee.

20 May
Applications open for fee waivers and fee reassessments.
Annual liquor licence fee notice sent to licensees via email.

28 May
Annual liquor licence fee notice posted to licensees.

24 August
Last day to apply for a fee waiver.

31 August
Licence fee payment due.

3 September
Reminder email sent to licensees.

11 September
Reminder fee notice mailed to licensees.

28 September
Last day to pay fee before licence suspended and late fee applied.

29 September
Licence suspended if outstanding fees exist.
A late payment fee is applied.
Applications open for late payment fee waiver.

27 October
Last day to pay outstanding fees and late payment fee before licence is cancelled.
Last day to apply for a fee reassessment.
Last day to apply for a late fee waiver.

28 October
Licence cancelled if outstanding fees exist - including late payment fee.
Applications open for licence reinstatement.

23 December
Last day to submit a licence reinstatement application before licence is permanently cancelled.

24 December
Licence permanently cancelled if outstanding fees exist.
Licence cannot be reinstated – a new application is required if the licence holder wishes to re enter the industry.

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