Heavy vehicles must be registered, and this can be done at a Service NSW Centre. The following types of vehicles are classified as heavy vehicles:

  • vehicles or trailers with a Gross Vehicle Mass greater than 4.5 tonnes
  • buses 2.5 tonnes tare weight and over
  • licensed tow trucks
  • vehicles fitted with power-operated brakes
  • all prime movers.

What you need

  • your proof of identity
  • your compulsory third party (CTP) certification (green slip)
  • concession details (if applicable)
  • your business details, including representative authority (if required)
  • your driver licence details
  • New Heavy Vehicle Certification form completed by the trailer manufacturer, dealer or distributor, if you have it (trailers only)
  • Heavy Vehicle Authorised Inspection Scheme (HVAIS) inspection certificate
  • Nominated Configuration Code
  • proof of registration entitlement (receipt or proof of previous registration)
  • weighbridge certificate (if vehicle is a trailer with no specification sheet)
  • vehicle compliance certificate (if vehicle has been modified)
  • the PDF form – 'Application for Registration'.

How to register

  1. Download and complete Application for Registration – PDF.
  2. Gather all the required documentation.
  3. Visit a service centre and submit your application.

More information

  • Tare weight equals the empty weight of your vehicle (also known as unladen weight).
  • If your vehicle is non-standard, then a vehicle standard exemption permit issued by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator must also be presented when applying for registration (trailers only).
  • If you have a New Heavy Vehicle Certification form that has been completed by the trailer manufacturer, dealer or distributor, you won't be required to get a vehicle inspection or a weighbridge ticket (trailers only).

Payment methods

You can review transaction payment options on our payment methods page.

Last updated: 28 May 2024

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