Builders and tradespeople in NSW need to be licensed to do building work where the total cost of labour and materials is more than $5,000.

Individuals may have their contractor licence endorsed with a Q and this indicates that the licence is also equivalent to a Qualified supervisor certificate.

Certain trades require a specialist contractor licence:

  • air conditioning and refrigeration
  • electrical
  • disconnection and reconnection of fixed electrical equipment
  • plumbing, draining and gasfitting
  • medical gas.

A list of trades and the licence type required can be found on the Fair Trading website.

Licence applications must be lodged at a service centre, and you can book an appointment online.

Working in NSW with an interstate licence

Under the Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) scheme, holders of certain interstate licences can work automatically in NSW but must notify the licence regulator of their intention to work.

What you need

  • the PDF forms:
    • 'Checklist for Individuals' (based on the category of work you're applying for)
    • 'Application Form - Individual'
    • 'Additional Details Form/s' (if applicable).
  • proof of identity
  • one passport size photograph
  • documentation that meets the qualification requirements (certificates and transcripts from the registered training organisation)
  • your referee's statement (if applicable)
  • certificate of eligibility to obtain insurance (if applicable)
  • your payment.

How to apply

  1. Download and complete:
  2. Gather the required supporting documentation.
  3. Select the 'Book an appointment' button.
  4. Choose your service centre.
  5. Schedule your appointment.
  6. Enter the required details.
  7. Attend your appointment with your application documents and payment.

Note: Your application may take longer to assess if there is missing or incomplete information.

More information

  • You're legally required to display your licence number on all advertising, stationery and signage.
  • Once your licence has been issued, you can access it digitally through the Service NSW app.
  • The classes of contractor licences issued to individuals can be found on the Fair Trading website.
  • You need a medical gas licence to do any medical gas work in NSW, regardless of the work cost or whether it's residential, commercial or industrial.

Payment methods

You can review transaction payment options on our payment methods page.

Last updated: 2 July 2024

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