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If you’re under 25 and learning to drive, you must record your driving experience in a log book. 

You can choose to use a paper log book or a log book app. 

The free log book apps help you record and update your driving progress. They calculate your 120 driving hours and ensure you have completed 20 learning goals.

There are 3 log book apps to choose from:

  • Licence Ready learner log book app
  • L2P learner log book app
  • Roundtrip learner log book app

These are the only apps accepted as evidence of your driving experience when you do the driving test. You can only use one app and can't transfer log book hours between apps.

When you finish your required log book hours, use the app to submit your driving hours online at least 48 hours before your driving test.

Note: If you are 25 years or older, you are not required to log your driving hours.

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