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If you receive a fine (fine notice, fine reminder notice or overdue fine), such as a vehicle-related fine, you can pay it or: 

You can also:

What you need

  • your fine (fine notice, fine reminder notice or overdue fine)
  • your personal details. 

How to pay

  1. Select the 'Pay online' button.
  2. Follow the prompts to pay your fine.

More information

  • If payment is made after the due date, further costs may apply.
  • Call 13 77 88 if you need a copy of your fine notice.

Payment methods

  • credit card (Mastercard or Visa – please note that a 0.25% card payment fee is automatically applied to all payments)
  • debit card (Mastercard, Visa or EFTPOS)
  • BPAY. 

Note: Visit a Service NSW Centre or post office to pay by cash, money order or bank cheque.

Last updated: 2 March 2023
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