The NSW Police Force Community Portal provides the facility to not only create a Police report online, but to track your report and receive electronic status updates.

You can create an online lost property report if the loss is not:

  • a firearm
  • an explosive(s)
  • chemical(s)
  • prescription medication.

You can report property that has been lost outside NSW using the Community Portal, but you should also report to the Police Force in the state where the loss took place.

If the incident is an emergency or occurring now, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.


Anyone, even if you live interstate or overseas, or are reporting on behalf of a business, can report lost property online.

You should report your lost property online:

  • when you require a NSW Police Force Event number for insurance purposes.

  • after you have cancelled any lost Credit or Debit card.

  • where the description or identifying features of the property may increase the possibility of its return, should it be located or handed to police.

What you need

  • your personal details or personal details of the owner of the property (if applicable)
  • details of how the property was lost
  • the date and time when the property was lost
  • a description of the lost property.

How to report

  1. Select the ‘Report online’ button.
  2. Read the information provided.
  3. Select 'Continue'.
  4. Enter the required details.
  5. Submit your online police report.
Last updated: 15 November 2023