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Theft is when someone has taken your property without your permission, with no intention of returning it.

You can create an online theft or stealing report, via the NSW Police Force Community Portal, if:

  • the incident is not currently in progress and the offender(s) are not at the location or in the area
  • no one has been injured
  • there has been no verbal or physical confrontation with the offender(s), and they have not been detained
  • the theft does not involve a firearm, explosives, chemicals or prescription medication.

If the incident is an emergency or occurring now, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.


Anyone, even if you live interstate or overseas, or are reporting on behalf of a business, can report theft online, provided:

  • your report meets the guidelines of:
    • when to report
    • what to report.

What you need

  • your current email address
  • your personal details
  • details of the theft or failure to pay
  • the location, date and time of the incident
  • a description of the stolen property or the goods and services not paid for.

How to report

  1. Select the ‘Report online’ button.
  2. Read the information provided.
  3. Select 'Continue'.
  4. Complete the Theft Triage Process to be directed to the appropriate online form.
Last updated: 24 April 2020
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