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Driver testing postponed

In response to the latest health advice and risks associated with COVID-19, Service NSW has postponed driver testing across NSW.

This applies to all practical driver assessments conducted by Service NSW.

It does not apply to assessments conducted via the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment Program or any other assessment provider outside of Service NSW.

Reintroduction of Driver Testing – Phase 1 

From Monday 18 May, phase one of reintroducing Driver Testing commenced with Heavy Vehicle testing.

If you had a Heavy Vehicle test that was cancelled, you will be contacted by the Service Centre to re-book.

If you'd like to book a Heavy Vehicle test, visit a Service Centre or call 13 22 13.

Reintroduction of Driver Testing – Phase 2

Phase 2 of reintroducing Driver Testing has commenced with the re-booking of previously booked car tests. 

If you had a car test that was cancelled, you will be contacted by the Service Centre to re-book. Aternatively you can attend your local Service Centre or call us on 13 22 13.

For all new bookings please refer to the priority testing criteria below. 

Priority testing

If you believe you have an urgent need for your driving test to be conducted you can apply for a priority request.

Requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and you’ll have to demonstrate that:

  • you have a learner licence that is due to expire on or before 30 June 2020 and you have passed the Hazard Perception Test
  • not having a licence would significantly impact your ability to access essential services such as:
    • a doctor where there is a pre-existing condition – supported by a letter from your medical practitioner
    • existing employment/offer of employment would be affected – supported by a letter from your current or prospective employer. 

A priority test may also be made available if a medical practitioner or police have notified Transport for NSW that a test is required to determine if you should continue to hold a driving licence.

If you're granted a test you'll be required to sign a statutory declaration confirming you're fit to undertake the test. You can download the Driver testing statutory declaration – PDF and have it ready to sign and be witnessed when you visit the service centre.

Statutory declarations will also be available at the service centre.

To apply for a priority request please call us on 13 22 13.

Note: A request stating the licence is needed for more independence will not generally be considered sufficient for a priority request. Only apply if you can demonstrate a significant impact to your quality of life or employment.

Aged driving tests

Aged driving assessments conducted by Service NSW, will be deferred for a minimum period of 3 months. If you were due to have a test your licence status will be maintained.

To ensure your licence is not cancelled or suspended:

  • If you already have a test booked at a Service NSW Service Centre, you'll be contacted to discuss the options that are available. The options will ensure that your licence will remain active.
  • If you're required to undertake a test in the next 3 month period, and have not made a booking, please contact TfNSW on 6604 9301 2 weeks prior to the due date of your test. 

Note: If you're aged 75 years and older and/or you're due for a medical assessment, please refer to Medical reviews under Driver licence renewals for the latest information.

Overseas licence holders 

Holders of a current overseas licence who have become permanent residents, will now have an additional 3 months to convert to a NSW licence, making 6 months in total.  

Driver testing for overseas licence holders has ceased until further notice.