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COVID-19 safety requirements

Follow all safety instructions when you visit a service centre including physical distancing signs and instructions.

When you go to a driver or rider licence test you must wear a face mask.

Physical distancing will be maintained at the service centre as a safety measure. Follow all safety instructions when you are at the service centre.

All driving testers will wear a face mask during your test.

Booking an appointment

You can book online if you are ready to take your:

  • driver/rider knowledge test
  • hazard perception test
  • driving practical test.

There is currently a high demand for driver testing and limited availability. 

Bookings are open for the next 4 weeks at any time and updated weekly. All available appointments are published in the booking system. The contact centre cannot provide any other appointment options.

To select a different time or date, choose another service centre near you or check again in a few days.

We ask for your patience if you do experience a delay in getting a booking date for your test.