If you plan to get a licence, drive or ride after you've turned 70 years of age, use this guide to find out about requirements and options. You can also find various benefits available to older drivers.

What you need to keep driving

When you reach 75 years of age, you'll need a medical assessment each year to keep your unrestricted driver (class C) or rider (class R) licence. 

To keep your unrestricted licence from 85 years of age, you'll need to:


  • Transport for NSW should send you a medical assessment notice by mail 8 weeks before your birthday. The notice will tell you:
    • what type of doctor or specialist you need to see
    • the due date
    • whether you'll also need to sit a driving test.
  • If you need to sit the driving test you must do so before your birthday.
  • You can practice before taking the test with a driving instructor or older driver assessor.

To book an older driver driving test or for questions, call 13 22 13 or visit a Service NSW Centre.

Motorcycle riders

To book a rider (R class) practical driving test will depend on if you live in a declared area (where rider training is available) or undeclared area (where rider training is not available). 

If you live where:

  • rider training is available, contact your nearest Rider Training Provider and ask for an Aged MOST (Motorcycle Operator Skills Test).
  • rider training is not available, call 13 22 13 or visit a Service NSW Centre to book an Aged Rider Kerbside Test.

Heavy vehicle drivers

If you drive a heavy vehicle classified as multi-combination (MC), you'll need to pass a medical assessment and practical driving test every year from age 70 onwards.

If you drive a heavy vehicle classified as light rigid (LR), medium rigid (MR), heavy rigid (HR) or heavy combination (HC), you must pass an annual:

  • medical assessment from age 75 onwards, as well as 
  • a practical driving test from age 80 onwards.


  • Transport for NSW should send you an assessment notice by mail 8 weeks before your birthday.
  • Aged driving tests for heavy vehicle licences are conducted by Service NSW only.   
  • Heavy vehicle drivers can change their licence to a class C (car only) at any time and at no cost.
  • You’ll need to visit a Service NSW Centre to make the change.

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Benefits and concessions for pensioners

Mobility parking scheme

If you have a medical condition or disability that affects your walking or vision, you may be eligible for a NSW Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit. The permit lets you park in disability parking spaces and access certain concessions. 

Special mobility vehicles

A Special Mobility Vehicle (SMV) is a vehicle that a person with a disability can operate from their wheelchair.

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Last updated: 8 February 2024

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