If you and your partner are intending to get married or you're wanting to register your relationship, we've gathered together some transactions you may find helpful.

First steps

Notice of Intended Marriage application
Before you get married you, must complete a Notice of Intended Marriage and give it to your authorised celebrant. This needs to be done at least a month prior to the wedding date.

Apply to get married at a Registry Office
The Registry conducts wedding ceremonies at a number of locations around Sydney, and will take care of all the legal requirements for you, from ceremony to certificate.

Apply for a single status certificate
A single status certificate verifies that you've not been married in NSW during a specified period of time. 

Request a proof of divorce order
You can request a search of the records of the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia to prove that a divorce was granted and finalised.


Apply for a marriage certificate
The marriage certificate is an official copy of the marriage registration held at the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages. You can apply for your certificate from the registry after your wedding.

Check the status of your online marriage certificate application
You can check how your marriage certificate application is progressing. 


Apply to register a relationship in NSW
Adults who are in a relationship as a couple can apply to register their relationship. You don't have to live together to be eligible, but one of the partners must live in NSW.

Withdraw your application to register your relationship
You can withdraw an application to register your relationship within the 28-day cooling-off period.

Apply for a registered relationship certificate
Registered relationship certificates are used to access entitlements, services and records under State legislation.

Apply to revoke a registered relationship
One or both parties may apply to revoke their relationship. If only one of the parties is making the application they must serve notice of the application on the other party, and lodge proof of that service.

Withdraw an application to revoke a registered relationship
You can withdraw an application to revoke your registered relationship within the 90-day cooling-off period.

Changing name

Change your surname after marriage
You can change your surname, if you choose, after marriage. Learn how to change your surname and inform government agencies, businesses and service providers.

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Last updated: 7 December 2023

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