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Almost 20,000 drivers on overseas licences have converted to a NSW licence over the past four months, with some taken off the road altogether after running up enough demerit points to lose a licence almost three times over.

The NSW Government has welcomed the first tranche of foreign licence holders rolling over to a NSW licence, with all drivers on overseas licences in future to be directed to convert their licence.

Under the current Regulation, only drivers moving to NSW since July 1 must convert to a NSW licence.

This has led to 20,000 foreign licence surrenders since July 1.

The Regulation now allows for overseas drivers to be stripped of their driving privileges permanently if they accrue 13 demerit points or are convicted of certain speeding, drug and alcohol or serious driving offences.

In the past four months, drivers who have been hit with suspensions include:

  • A driver who accumulated 37 demerit points since 2021 in seven speeding offences and three mobile phone infringements was banned for five months and must apply for a NSW licence
  • A driver who had 33 demerit points and was still on the road after being caught speeding at 30 km/h-plus over the limit, as well as multiple other speeding and mobile phone offences was banned for a minimum eight months
  • A driver who had 29 demerit points from a combination of disobeying traffic lights, speeding, and mobile phone offences has been able to pass a test to obtain a NSW licence and is currently under Good Behaviour Conditions until September 2024.

In the first ten months of 2023, there have been five fatal crashes involving a driver or rider with an overseas licence.