If you’re going to work in a place that serves alcohol or provides gambling services, you'll need to undertake training in Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and/or Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG).

You can find an approved training provider using Liquor & Gaming NSW’s online search and mapping toolWhen you've completed your training, you'll receive RSA and/or RCG interim certificate(s), and you can then apply for your RSA/RCG competency card.

Note: If you hold a current interstate RSA certification you may be able to work temporarily in NSW. For information or to see if you're eligible visit Liquor & Gaming NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol.


Licensee and Advanced Licensee courses are mandatory for most licensees, approved managers and club secretaries, as you have greater responsibilities and obligations under the NSW liquor laws. The training helps to better prepare you for the challenges of operating a licensed business, while ensuring a vibrant and safe hospitality scene.

A new voluntary Advanced Responsible Conduct of Gambling (ARCG) training is recommended for roles with greater gambling-related harm minimisation responsibilities, such as gambling floor managers and supervisors in hotels and clubs, and club secretaries.


You must have:

  • successfully completed an approved NSW RSA or RCG training course with an approved training provider
  • received an RSA or RCG interim certificate
  • not previously applied for a competency card.

What you need

  • your RSA or RCG interim certificate, issued by an approved NSW training provider within the last 5 years
  • your 100 points of ID documents – see the back of the interim certificate for acceptable document types
    • your personal details on your course completion certificate must match your ID – any minor discrepancies like spelling errors or typos can be amended at Service NSW.

If you've changed your name from what is shown on your identity documents, you'll also need to provide proof of your name change, such as:

  • Australian marriage certificate (Registry issued)
  • overseas marriage certificate (with official translation)
  • change of name certificate (Registry issued)
  • proof of divorce (Family Court).

How to apply

  1. Complete your RSA or RCG training with an approved training provider.
  2. Get your RSA or RCG interim certificate from your training provider. If you have both, you only need to bring one to the Service NSW Centre.
  3. Gather your original identity documents.
  4. Visit a service centre to have your photo taken and submit your application.

Accessing your card digitally

Once you have your competency card, you can access it digitally using your mobile device. You'll need a MyServiceNSW Account and the latest version of the Service NSW app. You can then add your RSA/RCG competency card details to your MyServiceNSW Account.

To access your competency card as a digital licence, your email address will need to be the same for both your competency card and your MyServiceNSW Account. See Get started with digital licences for more information.

More information

  • You can be fined for working with an expired interim certificate or an expired competency card.
  • Your competency card will be mailed to you within 4 weeks of submitting your application.
  • You must submit your own application in person – other people can’t apply for you.
  • The cost of the competency card is included in the course fee you pay for RSA or RCG training.
  • If you already have a competency card, you may want to renew it
  • If you already have either an RSA or RCG competency card and you complete the additional competency, you will automatically be mailed an updated card with both competencies.
  • When you get your photo taken at a service centre, follow these photo guidelines to make sure the result is acceptable.
Last updated: 29 February 2024