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Losing a loved one is a time of great sorrow and grief. Coping with the legalities involved when someone close to us has passed away can increase this distress.

At Service NSW, we try and understand what you are going through, and we extend our sympathies.

During this time of mourning, we know that dealing with forms and certificates can be intrusive and distressing. 

To help you, Service NSW offers detailed, concise information on what to do in the event of losing someone close to you. This includes providing a checklist of NSW Government agencies to notify, information on how to organise a funeral and advice on what to do when someone you know has suffered a loss. They can also provide support and counselling referrals and referrals to organisations to assist if a person needs financial assistance.

Service NSW provides specialised people you can deal with who will be sensitive to your loss. They will help guide you through what needs to be done. You can call 13 77 88 to speak to one of our trained staff members.

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