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If you're a consumer or trader involved in a dispute relating to goods or services, and you've been unable to resolve the matter privately, you can seek advice from, or lodge a complaint with, NSW Fair Trading. They'll act as an informal negotiator, at no charge.

You can lodge both general complaints and specific complaints online.

Lodge online
  • your name and contact details
  • name and contact details of the retailer, supplier or dealer you are complaining about
  • details of the goods or services in dispute, including dates, manufacturers/models, costs and the method of payment
  • details of your complaint, the resolution you have suggested or any offers made
  • what you would like the retailer, supplier or dealer to do for you.
Lodge online
  1. Select the 'Lodge online' button.
  2. Gather the information and documentation needed.
  3. Complete the online application form (allow about 30 minutes).

If you don't wish to lodge online you can:

  1. Download and complete the General complaint form – PDF.
  2. Gather your supporting information and documents such as receipts, brochures and correspondence.
  3. Lodge your completed form and documentation at a service centre or post it to:
    NSW Fair Trading
    PO Box 972
    Parramatta NSW 2124
Lodge online
  • Any person can lodge a complaint, however NSW Fair Trading is not able to intervene in business to business complaints, where the issues concern goods or services that are to be onsold.
Lodge online
  • You'll need to read and confirm the declaration that the information is accurate and may be provided to the retailer, supplier, dealer, agent or landlord for the purposes of resolving the dispute.

To make sure that you have all the information and documentation you need to complete this transaction, please visit NSW Fair Trading.

Lodge online

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