If your residential or commercial building was impacted by the February and March 2022 and/or June and July 2022 floods, you can register to have a building assessment carried out by certified inspectors.

This is an opt-in program that will provide you with a free, detailed assessment report, including a comprehensive scope of repair works and an estimate of repair costs. After receiving your report, you are in control of what happens next.

If the assessment finds the property to be unsafe or beyond economical repair, you can choose to have demolition and removal of waste services undertaken at no cost.


Building owners can register for the program if the property is located in one of the local government areas impacted by the February and March 2022 and/or June and July 2022 floods, and is any of the following:

  • a residential building (where the residence has been affected by flood water)
  • a farm homestead or rural building
  • a building on commercial property used for primary business operation including shops and tourism-related businesses, owned by small businesses or primary producers.

Ineligible building types or site features

  • anything not within the property boundary unless required to safely access the property for demolition works
  • trees (except where trees and stumps are identified as flood affected and present an obstacle or safety impact to carry out clean-up of eligible destroyed or damaged building structures on the property)
  • landscaping, retaining walls and driveways
  • in-ground swimming pools, spas and associated pool deck and pool fencing
  • irrigation pumps and equipment
  • tennis courts, basketball courts and other private sport facilities
  • fences not in the vicinity of destroyed or damaged buildings except where required to safely undertake clean-up works
  • rural fences
  • septic tanks, unless they present a safety issue. Nature of the works to remove or make safe will be subject to individual on site assessments
  • private power poles and bridges
  • tyre dumps
  • private museums/collections which require storage outside the primary residence
  • state or national listed Heritage buildings or properties – until such time that appropriate consideration is given to treatment of any remaining or intact.

What you need

  • a MyServiceNSW Account – you can create one when you start your registration or continue as a guest
  • your name and contact number
  • the name and contact number for the person who needs assistance (if you're applying on behalf of someone else)
  • the address of the impacted property
  • the property’s use (home, apartment, business, primary production).

How to register

  1. Check you meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. Select the ‘Register online’ button.
  3. Log in, or create your MyServiceNSW Account, or continue as a guest.
  4. Select whether you're completing the form for yourself or on behalf of someone else.
  5. Follow the prompts to request assistance. 

Once registered, you’ll be contacted by a case manager from Johns Lyng Group to carry out an initial property assessment. Please allow 72 hours for details to be shared with Johns Lyng Group.

More information

  • Your case manager will contact you to discuss a suitable time to assess your property.
  • To follow up on your registration, call the Flood Property Assessment Program hotline on 1300 294 027.
  • For more information about the program, visit Flood Property Assessment Program.
Last updated: 6 September 2022