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If you have a vehicle currently registered in NSW and your registration certificate has been lost, stolen or destroyed, you can replace it online. The replacement certificate will be posted to you within 7 days, so if you need it sooner, visit a service centre and complete the transaction in person.


The registered operator of the vehicle.

What you need

How to replace

  1. Select the 'Replace online' button.
  2. Log in, or create your MyServiceNSW Account, or continue as a guest. Enter your NSW driver licence details if you're creating a MyServiceNSW Account.
  3. Choose whether your registration product was lost, stolen or destroyed.
  4. Choose the vehicle that needs the replacement product, or enter its NSW plate number.
  5. Check and confirm your replacement order details.
  6. Enter your payment details (if applicable).
  7. Once your payment has been processed (if applicable), you'll be issued with a transaction receipt.
  8. Your replacement registration product will be mailed to the address on record with Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

More information

  • Most light vehicles, like cars and motorbikes, don't need to display a current registration label. Vehicles issued with an unregistered vehicle permit must still display a label. Visit Number plates and labels at the TfNSW website to learn more.
  • Ordering replacement registration documents doesn't renew your rego or extend its expiry date. If your registration is due to expire within 6 weeks, consider renewing it rather than ordering a replacement.

Payment methods

You can review transaction payment options on our payment methods page.

Last updated: 24 February 2021