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NSW Fair Trading have implemented licensing changes to the real estate and property industry from March 2020. To learn more about the changes visit the Fair Trading website or call 13 32 20.


If your individual property licence has expired within the last 3 months, you can apply to have it restored. You can do this online.  

If you do not apply for a restoration within 3 months, you’ll need to apply for a new licence. You cannot trade until the new licence is issued.  


Real estate and property agents who:

  • have received a licence renewal notice from NSW Fair Trading 
  • apply within 3 months from their licence expiration date (as shown in the renewal notice). 

What you need

  • your licence number 
  • your renewal number (as shown on your renewal notice) 
  • your payment

How to restore

  1. Select the ‘Restore online' button. 

  2. Enter your licence and renewal number as shown on your renewal notice.  

  3. Confirm the details of your licence. 

  4. Submit your application with payment.

Payment methods

You can review transaction payment options on our payment methods page.

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