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If you need to update your address and contact details, replace your security operative licence, or vary your existing licence (add or delete subclasses), you can do so online.

Note: If your licence has been issued under mutual recognition, you can only use this facility to update your contact details, or replace your licence. If you want to add or delete subclasses, ring the SLED Contact Centre on 1300 362 001.

What you need

  • your name and security licence number
    • a current credit card for your payment (Schedule of Fees – PDF)
    • your current email address or mobile phone number already registered with SLED. If neither is registered, email sled@police.nsw.gov.au with your:
      • full name
      • your current SLED licence or application number
      • date of birth
      • current mobile number
      • current residential address
      • current postal address (if different to your residential address).

    In addition:

    If your licence has been lost or misplaced:

    • call the Police Assistance line on 131 444 and obtain a police event number.

    If you want to add Class 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1F to your licence:

    If you want to add Class 2A, 2D to your licence:

    • evidence of the required training and experience as specified on the SLED website.

    How to update, vary, or replace

    1. Gather all the required information/scanned documentation and have it ready for uploading.
    2. Select the 'Update, vary, or replace online' button.
    3. Select 'Start'.
    4. Enter your licence number and your name.
    5. Select 'Next'.
    6. Complete the relevant section on the online form.
    7. Upload your supporting documents (where required).
    8. Enter your payment details (where applicable).
    9. Read and acknowledge the declaration.
    10. Review and submit your application.
    11. Once you've submitted your application you'll receive an email confirmation and payment receipt.

    Note: Updating address/contact details does not attract any fees or require any documentation.

    More information

    Documents must be certified by an authorised person such as a:

    • Justice of the Peace
    • Legal Practitioner, or
    • Notary Public.
    Last updated: 23 April 2020
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