All organisations and sole traders who employ people to provide services to children or young people are considered employers.

If you're an employer of WWCC workers or volunteers you're required by law to verify the details of your WWCC holders.

You must verify a new worker or volunteer's application (APP) number, (except in the education sector), again when they receive their clearance number, and again when they renew their WWCC after 5 years.

You also need to keep records for each worker, including:

  • their full name and date of birth
  • their WWCC number
  • the date of their verification
  • the verification outcome
  • their WWCC expiry date
  • whether they are paid or voluntary.

People in charge of verifying WWCC numbers must make sure their own WWCC (if required) is verified online by an appropriate person in the organisation. Employers cannot self-verify.

Once registered you can verify online via the Employer Portal.

Note: Sole traders with no employees do not need to register. They must supply their WWCC details to their client (such as parents), for them to verify.

Last updated: 15 November 2023