There are 2 ways to renew your Working with Children Check (WWCC), depending on how you choose to have your identification verified:

  • Online using face verification – instead of going into a Service NSW Centre to present your identity documents, you renew online and use your device to scan your face. The scan is matched with the photo used on your NSW Driver Licence or NSW Photo Card.
  • At a Service NSW Centre – you need to complete the Office of the Children's Guardian (OCG) renewal application form, then visit a service centre within 28 days to present the original version of your identity documents and pay your fee if required.

Your WWCC expires after 5 years. You'll be notified by email 3 months before its expiry date. You can renew your WWCC from this time.

Renew online using face verification

What you need

  • a MyServiceNSW Account with the 'Working with Children Check' service added:
    • you can create an account when you start your application
    • you'll need your mobile phone to receive an SMS code or respond to a notification on the Service NSW app for multi-factor authentication
    • add the Working with Children Check service when you're logged into your account (find out how to add a service)
  • 3 current identity documents:
    • NSW Driver Licence or NSW Photo Card
    • one such as Australian passport, Australian birth certificate, foreign passport with an Australian visa
    • one such as Medicare card, Pensioner concession card, Seniors Health Card, Health Care Card
  • a device with a working front camera to complete face verification
  • a credit or debit card, PayPal or PayID (if payment is required).

Change of name

If you've changed your name on your identity documents since the last time you applied for or renewed your WWCC, you cannot renew online. You'll need to renew at a service centre and have your new identity documents verified.

Face verification

Face verification is a way of proving who you are.

During the online renewal process, there are steps on how to scan your face using your device's camera. You will need to move your face very close to the camera and hold it steady for 5 to 10 seconds. If you will find this difficult, you may find it easier to visit a service centre.

Service NSW does not store any images from the face verification process. We only keep a record of the outcome of the process.

Watch a video about using face verification to confirm your identity online.

Renew at a service centre

If you choose to have your identity documents verified at a service centre, you first need to complete the OCG renewal application form.

You'll need:

When you've completed the form, an application (APP) number will be emailed to you.

Then visit a service centre and take:

  • the email that shows your APP number
  • your original identity documents
  • your payment, if applicable.

You have 28 days to visit a service centre. After 28 days the APP number will expire and you'll need to apply again.

OCG renewal application form

More information

How face verification works

Learn more about using face verification to confirm your identity online.


You can now renew your Working with Children Check online, using photo verification to prove who you are. 

This removes the need to visit a Service NSW Centre and share copies of your identity documents. 

To renew your Working with Children Check, log into your MyServiceNSW Account and use the camera on your device to scan your face.  

The scan is matched with your reference photo, for instance, the photo that was taken when your NSW Driver Licence was issued. 

The process is safe and secure as Service NSW does not store images from this process. 

Find out more information on the Service NSW website. 

Last updated: 5 July 2024

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