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Emergency accommodation

Temporary housing

Emergency accommodation at various sites is available to people who have had their homes affected by the February and March 2022 floods. Temporary emergency accommodation for those that have no other means is available by visiting a recovery centre or by calling 13 77 88.


Anglicare provides assistance through emergency housing, homelessness support and food relief.

If you've been affected by a natural disaster:

Social housing

If you need private rental assistance, social housing or help with understanding your rights as a tenant:

Rental support scheme

The rental support scheme helps people whose homes are uninhabitable as a result of the February-March 2022 storms and floods.

The scheme will provide up to 16 weeks of rental support to flood victims in temporary accommodation and is scalable on the number of people per household, including children.

Free mail redirection 

Australia Post offers free mail redirection for up to 12 months to individuals and small businesses affected by natural disasters. For more information, visit Australia Post's website.

Change your address

Find out how to change your address with:

Tenants, landlords and homeowners

You can call 13 32 20 for assistance if you're:

  • a tenant or landlord whose rented property is affected by the floods
  • a homeowner with a complaint about tradespeople and their flood remediation home building work
  • impacted by flood-related issues, such as cancelled accommodation, weddings and services.

For more information, visit Floods and Tenancy Rights and Tenants' Union Disaster Damage.

Temporary accommodation

If you want to provide additional or temporary accommodation on your property, find out about changes to planning rules for:


If you are planning to rebuild, learn more about changes to the rules including:

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