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If protected native animals can be shown to be:

  • a threat to your safety
  • damaging your property, or
  • causing economic hardship

you can apply for a licence under the Biodiversity Conservation Act (2016) to harm the animals responsible.


  • Owners of properties who believe that a native animal is a danger to human safety, or is creating property damage and/or economic hardship.

What you need

  • your personal details
  • firearm licence details (if applicable)
  • property details and the predominant land use
  • previous licence details (if applicable)
  • description of the impacts on the property and/or safety
  • details of the current method of control
  • description of the species to be controlled
  • details of the person/s who is not the landholder (if applicable)
  • your payment.

How to apply

  1. Download and complete the Landholder's licence to harm protected native animals – PDF.
  2. Sign the landholder declaration.
  3. Have the shooter sign the declaration (if applicable).
  4. Forward the completed form to your nearest National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) office.

More information

  • Landholders are encouraged to call their local NPWS office prior to lodging an application to discuss the nature and severity of the issue, and if any non-lethal measures can be implemented to mitigate the problem.
Last updated: 6 November 2019