If you're a medium business or a not-for-profit organisation in the Northern Rivers and you've experienced direct damage as a result of storms and floods in February and March 2022, you may be eligible for the Northern Rivers medium size business grant.

This grant of up to $200,000 is to help pay for the costs of clean-up and reinstatement of a medium business or not-for-profit organisation’s operations.

To be eligible, you must be a medium business or a not-for-profit organisation located in one of the following local government areas (LGAs):

  • Ballina
  • Byron
  • Clarence Valley
  • Kyogle
  • Lismore
  • Richmond Valley
  • Tweed Shire.

There are 2 steps involved in receiving the Northern Rivers medium size business grant:

1. Apply for the grant 

  • Businesses must first apply to confirm their eligibility.
  • Businesses then must make an appointment with a Business Concierge to confirm proof of identity.

2. Claim the grant

  • If your application is approved, you'll be able to claim your grant using your Business Profile in your MyServiceNSW Account.

Covered costs could include, but are not limited to:

  • payment for tradespeople to conduct safety inspections
  • equipment and materials required for cleaning up
  • equipment and materials essential for immediately resuming operations
  • payment for a cleaner if the service would not have been needed, or exceeds ordinary cleaning costs, in the absence of the disaster
  • the removal and disposal of debris, damaged materials or damaged stock
  • repairing premises, or repairing or replacing internal fittings, if it’s essential for resuming operations
  • leasing temporary premises, if it’s essential for resuming operations
  • replacing or repair of motor vehicles, if it’s essential for reinstatement of the business
  • replacing lost or damaged stock, if it’s essential for immediately resuming operations
  • temporarily adopting an online business model.

Available funding

The maximum grant amount available is $200,000.

Funds of up to $25,000 will be provided to eligible, approved applicants based on quotes or estimates submitted in your application. You do not need to provide evidence of payment at this stage.

If you submit another application, bringing your total claim to more than $25,000, you will need to provide evidence of payment for all funds, including the first $25,000 you claimed.

To receive funds of between $25,000 to $200,000, you will need to submit evidence of payment of the relevant costs at the time of application.

If your initial grant application is for an amount less than $200,000, you can submit further applications if you require additional funds to complete eligible clean-up and reinstatement activities.

Applications are now closed.


You must be a medium business owner or a not-for-profit organisation in an eligible LGA and:

  • have suffered direct damage – 'direct damage' means a direct and material impact of flooding on business assets or equipment
  • be responsible for meeting the costs you are claiming
  • intend to re-establish your medium business or not-for-profit organisation within the same area
  • have employed a minimum of 21 and less than 200 full-time equivalent employees as at 22 February 2022.

If you are a medium business, you must:

  • have held an ABN (which you currently hold) as at 22 February 2022
  • be structured as a company, joint venture, partnership or trust.

If you are a not-for-profit organisation, your principal objective must not be the generation of profit, and you must be:

  • registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) or an equivalent state regulatory body and have held that registration as at 22 February 2022, or
  • registered as an incorporated association or cooperative with Fair Trading NSW and were registered on or before 22 February 2022, or
  • deemed to be a not-for-profit organisation, in accordance with the current Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) on or before 22 February 2022.

You may also be eligible under hardship circumstances at the discretion of Service NSW and Regional NSW.

The grant is not available: 

Note: If you have applied for one of the above grants and believe you may be eligible for the Northern Rivers medium size business grant, call 13 77 88 and ask to speak with a Business Concierge.

What you need

  • a MyServiceNSW Account – you can create one when you start your application
  • your proof of identity
  • your valid ABN/ACN number
  • evidence of your non-profit status (if applicable)
  • your business banking details for payment.

In addition:

For any amount you're seeking up to $25,000, you'll need quotes for replacements, works or services.

If you are applying for an amount between $25,000 and $200,000, evidence of payment means:

  • an invoice including the name, address and ABN (if applicable) of the entity that issued the invoice and a description of each item included, clearly identifiable as being related to the approved expenditure and to damage from the eligible disaster

  • a receipt including the name and address and ABN (if applicable) of the entity that issued the receipt and a description of each item to which the receipt relates

  • a copy of your bank transfer and/or bank statement.

Note: If you’re unable to provide evidence of direct damage, you may use other appropriate evidence to prove financial impact of the damage. We may request additional information and evidence to support your application.

A qualified accountant, registered tax agent or registered BAS agent may apply on behalf of your business. Your accountant will need to provide a letter of authority from you to show that they are authorised to act on behalf of your business if they are not listed as an associate on the Australian Business Register.

Auditing requirements

You may be audited in the future, so you will need to keep all documentary evidence related to your application and assistance provided under the scheme for 7 years after you have spent the funds. As part of an audit, you will be required to provide evidence that you have used grant funds in accordance with the claims made in your application (for example, official receipts).

Proof of identity

There are 2 steps to prove your identity.

Step 1

During the online application, you enter the details of your identity documents. Two proof of identity documents are required. They may include:

  • Australian driver licence
  • Medicare card
  • Australian passport or citizenship certificate
  • Australian birth certificate
  • Australian travel visa
  • Australian certificate of registration by descent
  • Australian ImmiCard. 

Once your details are verified, you can proceed with the online form.

Step 2

When you’ve completed the online form, you need to call us on 13 77 88 and make an appointment to see a Business Concierge at your place of business or a recovery centre. They need to view your identity documents and check to make sure:

  • all documents are in the same name (if not, a change of name or marriage certificate will be required)
  • your photo identity document is a true representation of you
  • none of the documents are fraudulent or inaccurate.

Note: Paper documents must not be laminated.

A Business Concierge must see your proof of identity documents before your application can be assessed.

Last updated: 23 February 2024