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When you turn 85, if you want to keep your unrestricted car driver's licence, you'll need to do a practical driving test every second year (at 85, 87, 89 etc). This is in addition to your yearly medical examination.

You can either do the driving test with a Transport for NSW testing officer, or be assessed by an older driver assessor. These assessors are driving instructors accredited by Transport for NSW, and they charge a fee.

You can find a local older driver assessor online.


NSW drivers aged 85 years and older who wish to keep their unrestricted car (class C) driver's licence.

If you want to be assessed on your ability to drive a heavy vehicle (licence classes LR, HR, MR, HC or MC) or motorcycle (class R), you must be tested by a Transport for NSW testing officer.

How to find

  1. Select the 'Find an assessor' button.
  2. Enter your suburb, town or postcode.
  3. Select 'Submit'.
  4. Make your selection from the list provided.

More information

  • You should consider making alternative travel arrangements to get home in the event that you don't pass your driving test and your licence is cancelled. You may wish to attend with a support person to drive you home, arrange a taxi pick-up, or take public transport. Visit Transport for NSW for more information on public transport.
  • You might find it useful to read the Road Users' Handbook, or do a refresher course with a driving school before you do your practical test.
  • There's no limit to the number of older driver assessments you can attempt, but remember that the assessor will charge a fee every time.
  • If your assessor judges that you failed your test with a ‘serious error’, your licence will be cancelled. A serious error is when your driving behaviour is a clear danger to yourself, or other road users.
  • If you'd prefer to do your driving test with a Transport for NSW testing officer, you can call 13 77 88 or visit your nearest service centre to make a booking. You can have up to 3 attempts at a Transport for NSW driving test.
  • If you don't want or need an unrestricted licence, you can opt for a modified licence where there's no test required.
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