About Authenticate

Authenticate is a customer login solution. It lets customers use their MyServiceNSW username and password to log into a NSW Government website or app.

Once logged in, they can complete a transaction or use a service that's available on your website or app.

This process of logging a customer in is referred to as ‘authentication' or ‘authenticating the customer.’

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There are many benefits to using this customer login solution.


A trusted and familiar brand used by millions of NSW residents with more than 9 million MyServiceNSW Accounts registered. 


Single entry point means your customers only need to remember their MyServiceNSW credentials.  

Increased intake

Customers can use their existing MyServiceNSW Account details, lowering the barrier of access to your service.

Reduced security risk

Eliminates duplicate storage of identifiable information for customers. Features like multi-factor authentication (MFA) and leaked password protections simplify your compliance with security requirements.  

Leverage data systems

Get access to Service NSW’s customer identity and access management systems. These are continuously upgraded and maintained by our in-house software engineering and cyber security experts.

When to use

Use Authenticate:

  • instead of building and supporting an authentication process and platform
  • to securely authenticate your customers so they can complete a transaction or service on your website or app
  • to reach more than 9 million MyServiceNSW Accounts. 

How it works

Once Authenticate is implemented: 

  1. Your customer will see a 'Continue with Service NSW' button on your website or app.
  2. They will be prompted to log into their MyServiceNSW Account using their username and password. If they don't have an account, they'll have the option to create one.
  3. If enabled, customers will complete multi-factor authentication.
  4. Once authenticated, they'll be redirected to where you offer your service or transaction.
Example of Service NSW Authenticate on mobile

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Last updated: 21 May 2024

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