About Digital Notifications

Digital Notifications is a customer communications solution. It features a platform that NSW Government agencies can use to create, schedule, and send notifications to customers.

Notifications can be sent by Service NSW on behalf of an agency or sent under the agency's brand.

They can be sent by:

  • email  
  • SMS (text message)
  • the MyServiceNSW Account inbox
  • mobile app push notifications. 

To learn more including pricing, get in touch with the partnerships team. 


There are many benefits to using this customer communications solution.


Customers will always receive personalised content. Notification preferences can be managed in their MyServiceNSW Accounts. 


The platform can handle sending large volumes (in the millions) and messages will not be caught in spam.

Self-service platform

Create, edit and manage your notifications in the one place. 

Easy to use

You don't need coding or technical expertise to use the platform. This reduces the time and technical complexity of building and maintaining your own notifications system. 


Maintain a secure environment for customer data through a government-supplied platform.

Get results

Create effective and actionable notifications that drive action from customers.

When to use

Use Digital Notifications to:

  • drive action like renewing vehicle registration 
  • promote new products and services 
  • send reminders such as upcoming payments or appointments 
  • reach more than 9 million MyServiceNSW Accounts.

How it works

Once you're set up to use Digital Notifications:

  1. You'll be able to use the Digital Notifications platform to create, edit and submit your notification for review and approval.
  2. Our team will review your notification to make sure it's accessible, relevant and will achieve its objectives.  
  3. Once approved, we can schedule it to be sent at a particular time. Or you can trigger it yourself using an API. 

Anything you send using Digital Notifications will adhere to your customers' channel preferences.

Example of a Service NSW Digital Notification on mobile

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Last updated: 21 May 2024

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