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6 Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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Contact a Member of Parliament (MP) NSW

The Parliament of New South Wales is directly elected by the people of NSW to make state laws, control state finances, and discuss matters of importance to the people of NSW. It consists of two democratically elected Houses: the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.

Elected Members of Parliament are responsible for representing their electorate, forming government, making laws and keeping a check on government.

An important role of Members is to provide assistance, where appropriate, to constituents in regard to any problems they may be having with government.

Members are also a point of contact with government for people to convey or express views about community or government issues.

You have the right to contact your local Member, or a Government Minister, on issues that you believe should be brought to the Member's attention or that the Member might be able to assist with.

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Visit Parliament House

The Parliament of New South Wales is a site of great heritage significance. Its complex of buildings include the oldest building surviving in the Sydney CBD.

Parliament House offers public and student tours, and hosts events and exhibitions.

All visitors enter Parliament from Macquarie Street via a security screening station. If you have accessibility requirements that affect how you undergo security screening, please advise the security officers when you arrive.

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Last updated: 21 December 2022