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The Resources Regulator NSW is the state’s work health and safety regulator for mines and petroleum sites.

The Resources Regulator's role includes:

  • receiving and considering complaints, alleged breaches of the Mining Act and safety incident notifications
  • providing information and guidance about safety and other regulatory obligations to protect and support industry, workers, the community and the state
  • conducting probity and compliance checks on applicants for grant/renewal/transfer title applications
  • conducting inspections and investigations
  • assessing licensing, registration applications and grants applications for occupational licences (practising certificates and certificates of competence)
  • regulating exploration activities including issuing activity approvals and ensuring compliance with title conditions and codes of practice
  • taking enforcement action such as issuing prohibition and other statutory notices and taking prosecution action
  • providing advice to the appropriate development consent authority regarding the appropriateness of rehabilitation strategies included in development applications, including advice on conditioning
  • supporting and administering the NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council and NSW Mining and Petroleum Competence Board, and
  • administering the mine and petroleum site safety fund (mine safety levy).

Mine safety offices

There are mine safety offices in Armidale, Broken Hill, Lightning Ridge, Lithgow, Maitland, Orange and Wollongong.

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Last updated: 20 July 2023

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