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The rebate swap offers are designed to help eligible NSW residents cut their energy bills.

The 'rebate swap for solar' offer (also known as the solar for low income households offer) enables eligible households to swap their Low Income Household Rebate for a free solar system.

If your household is not suitable for solar, you may be eligible for the 'rebate swap for energy upgrades'. This offer provides you with a free household energy assessment, and you can then swap your Low Income Household Rebate for energy efficient appliances or minor home upgrades, as recommended in the assessment.

The application process decides which offer is suitable for your household. 


To be eligible for either of the rebate swap offers you must:

  • be receiving the Low Income Household Rebate
  • agree to no longer receive the rebate for 10 years
  • hold a valid Pensioner Concession Card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Gold Card

If you're applying for the rebate swap for solar offer, you must also:

  • own your house
  • not already have a solar PV system.

Note: If you're not the registered homeowner but your spouse is, your household may still be eligible.

What you need

To complete your application, you'll need to upload:

  • a recent electricity bill to confirm that you're receiving the Low Income Household Rebate
  • an image of your Pensioner Concession Card or DVA Gold Card to confirm it is valid and up to date
  • a council rates notice or similar evidence, if you own your house.

How to apply

  1. Check the eligibility requirements.
  2. Read the solar for low income households Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which include important information about that specific offer and your role and responsibilities (if applicable).
  3. Gather the required documents.
  4. Select the 'Apply online' button.
  5. Follow the steps to submit your application. 

More information

Once your application has been submitted, your eligibility will be checked and you'll be notified by email of the next steps. 

Last updated: 21 October 2022
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