Get your paperwork organised

Save time and hassle by getting your personal documents in order and stored together in a safe place.

Identity documents

Providers such as Service NSW, Services Australia, Medicare, the ATO, banks and others often need proof of your identity. Have your documents handy when making applications for benefits and other support. 

Online applications

If you're making an online application for a certificate, you can save your application and resume it later. Once you have submitted your application, your can check how it is progressing.

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Put your future plans in writing

You can decide in advance who you'd like to make decisions for you if you're not able to.

Money in your retirement

Calculate and organise your finances for when you stop paid work. 

  • Super and pension age calculator
    Work out when you can get your super and when you can apply for the age pension, if applicable.
  • Retirement planner
    Shows you how super contributions, investment options, fees and retirement age affect your retirement income.
  • When and how to access your super
    The minimum age that you can access your super and rules for getting your super early.
  • Finding lost money
    How to claim money that may be owing to you from inactive bank accounts, shares and investments, insurance policies, unpaid wages, unclaimed super, and deceased estates.
  • Net worth calculator
    Compare what you own with the money you owe to understand your financial situation.
  • Super contributions optimiser 
    Work out how much your superannuation can increase if you make more contributions while you're working.

Transport savings

Utility bill savings

More savings

Stay active and healthy

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Last updated: 22 May 2024

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