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Businesses and organisations required under the relevant Public Health Order must register as COVID Safe. These venues must keep electronic records of people who enter their premises. These records enable vital contact tracing when someone is diagnosed with COVID-19.

COVID Safe Check-in tool

The NSW Government has developed an electronic registration tool called the COVID Safe Check-in.

When a business or organisation registers as COVID Safe, it is given a unique QR code to display. These venues must keep electronic records of people who enter their premises.

When visiting the premises, customers scan the QR code with their phone camera, and then check in via:

  • the Service NSW app, or
  • by entering their details into a webform (if they do not have the Service NSW app, or choose not to download it).

They are now recorded as having visited the premises and NSW Health will be able to get in contact if needed.

You can view alerts for COVID-19 case locations by checking for a red icon in your check-in history or opting in to receive push notifications on the Service NSW app.

Create a COVID-19 check-in card

If you don't have a smart phone and/or you're not comfortable using the Service NSW webform to check in to a business, you can:

Alternative check-in methods

If a customer is unable to scan the QR code or there is an outage, the business can check them in by:

  • using the Service NSW business online form on a venue-supplied device such as a tablet or laptop, or
  • collecting the visitor's contact details and electronically recording the details within 12 hours using the Visitor Record template – PDF, or in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document.

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