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NSW Government is making life easier for people across the State with the full licence digitisation program of 130 occupational or vocational licences delivering millions of dollars in customer benefits.

More than 350,000 customers have used a digital licence product, sharing in more than $12 million worth of benefits since the State’s new Licensing Program went live in early 2021.

Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government, Small Business and Fair Trading Victor Dominello said the program had given back more than 588,000 hours to customers and businesses by saving time in application processing.

“Customers are saving around 43 minutes per application or 66 per cent of the time. This means more time working in their business or with family and friends and less time doing outdated paperwork,” Mr Dominello said.

“Plant item registration customers are saving about 55 minutes in time to complete an application, while customers applying for a conveyancer licence or paintball marker permit are saving about 40 minutes.

“When you scale this across the number of applications processed to date, it is estimated about 83,000 additional workdays have been added to the NSW economy."

“This is a nation-leading end-to-end digital licensing experience that enables customers to reuse information through their Service NSW Account and download their licences and credentials on the Service NSW app.”

Mr Dominello said the digital transformation of licensing application processes saved customers from having to visit a Service NSW centre to complete ID checks and hand over paperwork.

“Paper application processes are often time consuming and duplicative, with much of the information requested from the customer already held by the NSW Government regulators,” he said.

“More than 99 per cent of customers are now using digital applications for licences where available, such as design and building practitioner registrations and security licences and permits.”

Digital applications are available for 10 licensing application processes including plant item and plant design registration, paintball marker permits, design and building practitioners, security licences, asbestos and demolition and conveyancer licences.

NSW Government has allocated $2.1 billion across four years to invest into digital transformation projects through the Digital Restart Fund to target smart, simple technology solutions that create efficiencies for customers across the state.

The $173 million Licensing Program is majority funded by the Digital Restart Fund (DRF).

For more information, please visit the NSW Government website.

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