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Reflecting the growing criticality of security across all aspects of Service NSW’s business both cyber and physical, Melissa ensures Service NSW has the focus, capacity and support to continue to strengthen its foundations, and deliver on the trust held by customers, teams and government. Digital innovator, leader and strategist, Melissa has more than twenty years of experience supporting digital cultures and leading organisations across the public and private sectors. Her passion is working with organisations to design and deliver better outcomes for customers through the use of leading-edge technology.

Her core capabilities include organisation and operating model design, structured innovation, leadership and design thinking, particularly in change-averse organisations, where her unique brand of stakeholder engagement and team building breaks down barriers to innovation and creates a connected culture and environment.

Previous roles

Prior to becoming Chief Security Officer in March 2021, Melissa led Service NSW’s Digital and Middle Office division as Acting Executive Director. She worked closely with senior executives and government ministers to:

  • design and deliver digital and technology transformations that simplified the way customers do business with government, improving their overall experience,
  • more than double the digital resource footprint and,
  • deliverer new products to citizens within 36 hours.