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Service NSW does not hold information related to driver licensing or vehicle registrations. Subpoenas for this information should be served on Transport for NSW.

Service NSW acts on behalf of partner agencies and does not hold information for other NSW government agencies. For personal information, please refer to the responsible government agency. 

Subpoenas may be served on Service NSW by email to info@service.nsw.gov.au.

If you choose to email the subpoena, the original needs to be sent, with the cheque/money order for the conduct fees, via post to:

Service NSW
Level 1
51-55 Currajong Street
Parkes NSW 2870

Conduct money

Service NSW accepts cheques and money orders by way of payment. Cheques and money orders should be made out to ‘Service NSW’.

Ten (10) or more clear working days and files readily accessible: $30.00

Additional photocopying/vetting costs apply and will be invoiced at the completion of the matter.

Where a subpoena is issued for a Service NSW staff member to give evidence, Service NSW will require their hourly rate plus travel time and expenses to be paid.

Note: It generally takes at least 8 working days to obtain accessible records. Additional time will be required where documents are returnable to courts outside the metropolitan area or when voluminous records are requested.