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Losing your wallet is one of those events that unfortunately sometimes happens.

If you're certain you haven't just misplaced the wallet:

  • contact your financial institution(s) so they can lock or cancel your debit/credit cards
    • once you've received new account numbers remember to update any payments you make automatically.
  • report the loss to the police through the NSW Police Force Community Portal 
    • the police report provides a formal record in case of identity theft further down the track.

    The next step is to set about replacing the various cards and documents that we all carry in our wallets.

    Below is a selection of transactions dealing with the replacement of cards, licences, permits and certificates which may be of help to you.

    ID cards

    Concession cards and permits

    On the road

    On the water

    Public transport

    Business and trade licences

    Recreation licences

    Other things to consider

    To help prepare in case you lose a wallet, it's a good idea to:

    • Remove everything that's not absolutely essential to you every day – for example, addresses, phone numbers, personal information, cards you rarely use.
    • Scan or photocopy everything that's in your wallet, and update the document every few months.
    • Make a note of all the bills you pay automatically. This way you won't get caught having missed a payment if you're forced to change debit/credit cards.

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    Last updated: 12 May 2023