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Western Sydney is the epicentre of toll relief under the NSW Government’s $60 toll cap, with 350,000 e-tag account holders entitled to a rebate after the first three months of the scheme.

Eligible accounts will receive an average $134 cash rebate per quarter with the majority flowing to Western Sydney.

Data shows the Government is getting cost-of-living assistance to where it is needed most, with Kellyville, Baulkham Hills, Greystanes, Marsden Park and Moorebank making up the top five suburbs for e-tag account holders eligible to claim toll relief.

SuburbAccounts entitledAverage rebate
Baulkham Hills6,604$168
Marsden Park5,491$195

Some suburbs have fewer eligible claims but a higher average rebate per account. They include Lakemba ($309), Auburn ($266), Bankstown ($235), Rosehill ($232) and Villawood ($227).

A total of $46.8 million is available to be claimed after the first quarterly period.

Drivers who spend on average $200 per week on tolls will receive approximately $7280 in rebates each year

A fair use provision will ensure the integrity of the scheme, with motorists able to claim up to $400 in tolls for a maximum rebate of $340 a week for each tag or licence plate on a toll account.

To be eligible, a motorist must: 

  • Be a NSW resident;
  • Hold a personal toll account with a NSW toll service provider, taking private trips on a NSW toll road, excluding those on the M5 South-West for customers registered for the M5 South-West Cashback Scheme at the same time, and
  • Spend more than $60 a week from their individual tag or licence plate on tolls on eligible, personal trips.

From Tuesday 9 April, eligible customers can visit the Service NSW website and link their toll account with Service NSW to make a claim.

For more information about the rebate, visit the Service NSW website.

Premier Chris Minns said:

“We know the toll burden is hitting families who can least afford it most, particularly parts of western Sydney that have fewer public transport alternatives to getting in the car and paying tolls.

“The $60 toll cap is a key part of the NSW Government’s commitment to provide cost-of-living relief to families at a time when they are doing it tough.

“We promised to deliver this toll cap ahead of the election and I am glad to see it is drivers in Sydney’s west who will benefit from toll relief the most – proof that our policy is reaching those who need it most.”

Minister for Western Sydney Prue Car said:

“For too long the former Government imposed an unfair tax on the families of Western Sydney.

“Delivering toll relief for the West will significantly ease the financial burden for working families.”

Minister for Roads John Graham said:

“The toll cap is designed and operating as a cost-of-living relief measure that provides support for those people who do not have the choice to avoid toll bills in getting around Sydney.

“An average $134 cash rebate will be welcome to families doing it tough and I encourage people to make their claims if they are a regular toll road user.

“The cap is part of a multilayered approach by the NSW Government, providing immediate relief as we look at ways to make the toll network more equitable for all with the assistance of the independent Toll Review being led by Professor Allan Fels.”

Minister for Customer Service and Digital Government Jihad Dib said:

“When applications open next Tuesday, we want motorists to hit the pedal to the metal and lodge their claim with Service NSW.

“We have made the application process simple to use - you can link your toll account to your MyServiceNSW account, view your Toll Tracker and then if eligible, submit your claim. It will be even quicker if you have your details like your toll account number and bank account information ready to go.

“Anyone who needs Service NSW assistance linking their toll account and making claims can call 13 77 88 for help or visit their nearest Service NSW Centre.”