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Eligible businesses and organisations have already begun applying to be official providers of the new Active and Creative Kids voucher program, with more being urged to register ahead of the vouchers becoming available to consumers in February.

The Active and Creative Kids voucher will deliver cost-of-living relief for NSW families by helping offset registration, membership and lesson costs for sport and recreation activities such as swimming and football, as well as creative and cultural pursuits such as music, art, drama, coding or language.

Businesses and organisations which provide sporting, recreational, creative and cultural activities are encouraged to apply now, so they can start accepting the new vouchers as soon as they become available next month.

By registering now, businesses allow themselves time to ensure they are ready to accept the new vouchers and avoid any last-minute rush as the new school year gets underway.

Active and Creative Kids is a combined version of the formerly separate voucher programs, so businesses will need to apply for the new program to accommodate a new and improved point of sale voucher redemption system. 

Around 600,000 children are expected to be eligible for the program which will provide those households two $50 vouchers per year for every school-aged child and can be used towards any eligible physical, recreational, creative or cultural activity.

The new Active and Creative Kids voucher is means-tested to ensure cost-of-living support is continuing to be provided to the families who need it most, while also balancing considerable State budget pressures.

To be eligible for the new voucher program, a school-aged child should be in the care of a parent, guardian or carer receiving Family Tax Benefit A and/or Family Tax Benefit B.

For more information on applying to register your business in readiness for the new Active and Creative Kids voucher program, please visit the Service NSW Business Bureau, the Service NSW Business Bureau app or call 13 77 88

To be attributed to Acting Executive Director Service NSW Business Bureau, Tina Dougherty:

“We’re making it easier for providers who want to be a part of the Active and Creative Kids voucher program in 2024 to register ahead of time using their Service NSW Business Profile and be ready to accept the new vouchers as the fresh school year gets underway.”

“Providers need to register through their Service NSW Business Profile, which is an easy process to set up, and help is available for anyone who may require assistance through the Service NSW website, Service NSW Business Bureau app or over the phone on 13 77 88.”

“We have developed new digital tools within the Service NSW Business Bureau App to make it even easier for Providers who want to participate in the Active and Creative Kids voucher program in 2024, to accept the vouchers from eligible families.

Providers who have signed up for previous voucher programs will need to reapply to accept the new Active and Creative Kids voucher, so with the busy holiday season and back to school rush underway, we are encouraging them to sign up as soon as they can to avoid any last-minute rush.”