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In recognition of the strong synergies between the work performed by the Projects and Partnerships teams, these teams were bought together under the leadership of Mandy Young, Executive Director, Partnerships, Projects and Insights in February 2021.

The Partnerships, Projects and Insights team is responsible for driving customer and government outcomes in partnership with agencies including government, NGOs and private sector organisations. The team has oversight of end to end relationship management including service improvements and optimisation, and project delivery and enterprise change. This includes delivery of government priorities and supporting other agencies in the delivery of key initiatives through Service NSW. The team also drives evidence based service delivery through data and insights. Additionally, it is responsible for the enterprise planning and prioritisation function for Service NSW.

Previous roles

Mandy brings a wealth of leadership and public service experience from the NSW Department of Communities and Justice and its predecessor agencies. In the past 20 years, she’s spent most of her career helping to make large-scale changes that affected thousands of people for the better. Mandy has worked on improving services and supports for victims of crime as Commissioner of Victims Rights and later, as acting Chief Executive, helping the Aboriginal Housing Office improve services to Aboriginal communities.

Most recently, Mandy led South Western Sydney's operational delivery of child protection and social housing services. She led a review to support changes across the NSW Department of Communities and Justice, including to: 

  • reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the justice, child protection and homelessness systems, and
  • deliver on some of the government’s commitments under the new national Closing the Gap agreement.